Psychic Medium Jayde is Celebrating over 30 Years of Langley Psychic Readings!


Not sure if a Psychic Reading in Langley with Psychic Jayde is for you? 

When you are at a crossroad in your life, come to someone in Langley who can guide and heal you. Psychic Readings and Intuitive Guidance and Healer -  That someone is Psychic Jayde.

A psychic reading is an astute pilgrimage into the imagination. With over 30 years of experience offering intuitive guidance has shown me that the best psychic readings feature three key elements:

A clear cut focus.
A willingness to relate to metaphysical notions.
An active part on the process

However you decide to experience your session, by phone or in person you will be enlightened. As we decode the way you relate to your passed loved ones, familiar stories will emerge. It's like gazing into a dream mirror of your life.

My traditional tarot card reading offers  reflections of your past, present, and future, yet it's uptodate  essence makes it easily relatable. My clients love it!

The impressions are generally symbolic in nature. The Tarot cards offer a diverse, up to date outlook that can illustrate circumstances quite literally as well.

Firstly I will interpret the cards as I read them. But you will form your own impressions. As you interpret the stories they portray, we'll connect  our findings in a dialog. Through the instinctual  guidance process, potential paths and psychic details can expose themselves.